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List "Hot Keys" on Forms

When working on an Access application, it may sometimes be useful to know all the "hot keys" that are defined on a form. These are the keystrokes that are associated with the activation of a particular control, so that pressing a particular key -- or Alt+the key -- triggers a command button or sets the focus to a text box, for example. In Access, hot keys are specified at design time by putting an ampersand (&) before the desired character in a control's caption (if it has a Caption property), or the caption of a label attached to the control.

When you're working on a complex form and want to assign a new hot key, or you're writing documenation for a form, you may need a list of all the existing hot keys. Here's a function that you can call from the Immediate window or from some other procedure, to list all the hot keys on a form. The output is written to the Immediate window, but you can change that, of course.

code: click in the frame, Select All, then Paste into your code editor

Relevance: Microsoft Access
Versions: Access 95 to 2007
Categories: VBA, How To, Utility Functions
Date: 13 May 2009

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